Sunday, May 11, 2008

Camping 5-8/5-9

So our adventures will now start. School is over and we have just went out in the bus for the first time in Arizona.
It has been a long time coming but we finally got the Green machine put back together. We went to Saguaro Lake to do some camping (little did we know Saguaro has no camping) So we drove around to try to get to the lake via the back roads and we did a little 4 wheeling well it was more like we got the bus on 3 wheels, so we decided to drive north some more to 4 peeks to camp and man that is a long road but we finally found a nice remote place to talk

Then we enjoyed the sunset! o so peaceful

Then sleep she looks so nice and sweet sleeping

then we awake for a tranquil sunrise

After that the dogs said "we want to go and play"

So we drove back to the lake in hopes of playing in the water. Ya that is not going to happen because you are no longer allowed to have dogs in the water at the lake. That makes me so mad but I do realize that it is the fault of all those people that leave dog crap all over (just carry some bags and pick it up) those lazy and ignorant people ruin it all for us that love to spend time with our animals. Well that is all the complaining for today. So Jenna and I had breakfast and then we came home.


colburn's said...

Nice, this is what I am talking about. Keep it up!

George & Ina Wimsatt said...

AAHH - That's sweet!