Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Mile High

This past week we went to Denver to visit Jenna's sister and Derek. It was a lot of fun. We got up to Denver late on Monday (I drove for 14 hours) so we where all kind of tiered. But from then on it was a never ending adventure with Jenna, Jackie and myself trying to find our way around Denver it was fun for the first 40 miles of walking. On Wednesday we walked around Missy's school that was cool we were going to see Lance Armstrong but none of us wanted to wait around for another hour so we left. Thursday Jackie and I tried to cunsume 12 lbs of pizza. So it really ended up being 13.5 lbs.

This thing was huge

This is our Belly's before.

This is our belly's after

this is me eating on the table because they would not let Jenna give me a plate (they thought we were cheating)

and this is all that is left



George & Ina Wimsatt said...

Yuck!! I just lost my appetite!!

Parton Words said...

That looks amazing. I wanna come next time

Rhonda said...

That's my boy! I remember when I tried to fill that belly!