Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Hello all we found an apartment in Flagstaff, it is downtown and we think it is super cute. We moved here Saturday and it was an adventure, you see we live upstairs in what i call a house, we rent the top and someone rents the bottom. Trey calls it a town home but anyway, my mom and treys mom came with us and we packed all of our stuff in Rhonda's horse trailer. it didn't take us very long to unpack except when it came to our bed! It wouldn't fit upstairs so what does Trey do? Geez he is so smart he decides to cut it in half with a saw, so we eventually got it in, i had my half and he had his :)Pictures are on treys moms blog, and there is also a picture of the house. We haven't been able to update you sooner because you see it is Tuesday night and we have had ZERO electricity and hot water, (well we plugged into our neighbors house so we have one plug. The fun part is the showers, now i am all for not taking a shower but sometimes you just have to and Trey definitely needs too. Let me explain a litle further on the shower, it is freezing it is not like phoenix where the cold water is lukewarm, no no no it is flagstaff like Antarctica cold, it is so cold that when i take a shower it feels like i have just eaten a big bowl of ice cream to fast and have a really long brain freeze. Luckily we get electricity tomorrow sometime between 8-5 and Thursday we get heat. I am not at all complaining i am just very grateful to have been so blessed to have these kinds of things that i often times take for granite. so think of us when you take a hot shower and when you don't have to carry a flashlight to go pee!

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And so the adventure continues, and WOW!, what an adventure it is!!