Saturday, August 30, 2008

This Week

Let us not forget we are free and we can make a difference in this world!

Well hello all, we started school this week and it went really well. Trey is taking math for the underprivileged (i had to take that class too it is the one that doesnt count for credit), environmental law, recreation leadership and supervision, introduction to parks and rec management and outdoor leadership. I am taking Human Disease, developmental psychology, anatomy and physiology, drugs and society and foundations of community health. We are getting really good workouts because we ride our bikes everywhere, we go swimming at the aquaplex during our lunch break which is fun too.
So Wednesday i got my stitches out and my arm looks like Frankenstein but wait it is treys turn. On Thursday we were riding our bikes to school and coming down a hill when an escalade(sp?) decides to put on the blinker at the last second not giving trey enough time to stop and of course she didn't see us, so there goes Trey locking the breaks up on his bike flipping over the handle bar and slides into the car, all you heard was a big bang, he hit it pretty hard but thankfully with his head being under the tire the woman driving didn't move. I just stood there in shock and i do recall me yelling "oh my gosh!" like a valley girl or something. Trey got up and besides the blood gushing from his legs, fingers, and arm he was ok! No broken bones, Thank you God :) no seriously thank God. So we got him cleaned up and this is what he told me right after. "Wow I am glad my sunglasses were ok that is why i didn't hurt my head at all because i was trying so hard to save them" isn't that encouraging :). Anyhow everything is good.

We will be posting pictures tomorrow because we are going sport rock climbing. Oh and just wanted to let all you know i made some delicious home made lasagna tonight (homemade noodles too) and it actually turned out delicious!


Cherrylover, Baylee K. said...
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The Kempiak Party of Five said...

Good luck in school Jenna. Love, your 4th grade teacher...Mrs. Kempiak! You're still such a cutie!

Can't believe I found you here.

George & Ina Wimsatt said...

Well, this chapter in "The Chronicles of Trey and Jenna" scared me spitless. No, seriously, between Jenna's "slice and dice" and Trey's "bicycle caper", I will be reading your posts with a little bit of anxiety. It does sound like you are settled into school and your routine, though. Your classes sound interesting and I can tell that regardless of your escapades, you are having fun. AAAH - to be young once more!! But, could I handle it?

Rhonda said...

After reading my mom's post it reminds me of a bicycle accident she had at my horse camp in front of all my friends...."Look Rhonda, Apache sees Kawitchee.: Ring any bells mom? Anyhow thank goodness the sunglasses are okay, maybe your head was going to be squashed like a mellon dropped from the second floor but.... the sunglasses are still cool. I love you guys. Enjoy school, I'm proud of you.

George & Ina Wimsatt said...

Since reading Rhonda's post, the bells haven't stopped ringing! A memory I would like to forget but one which has brought much laughter (at my expense) at family gatherings. Unfortunately, as I slammed into the corral fence, the bicycle stopped and I sailed over the fence with all of the beauty of a disgraced trapeze artist, while my sunglasses flew in one direction and my fake braids in another! Total loss on the glasses and major damage to the bicycle! With blood gushing from every exposed surface of my body, and some unexposed as well, I slunk back to my motorhome practically carrying the bike with the memory of the look on Rhonda's face as I sailed over the fence forever burned in my mind. I can still hear one of the boys saying to her, "Was that your mother?" And yes, Apache did see Kawitchee. If he hadn't I wouldn't have been in that mess!! Thanks for the memories, Rhonda (I guess)!

colburn's said...

You are a typical suzy homemaker. How exciting. Where are my pictures you promised on there from the rock climb.

Trey and I have our priorities right when it comes to sunglasses.