Monday, October 13, 2008

Congragulation's to Anthony and Jessica Juliano

So the day started out with a nice walk with the dog down to the beach and Jenna and Mya got some exercise.

Then the LIMO picked up the wedding party at the hotel and drove us to different spots to take pictures. This was really good for me because now I don't have to take Jenna in a Limo apparently it was her first time.

We were all trying to take pictures and all Anthony and Jessica wanted to do was make out!!

The Girls all looked beautiful sitting on the beach!!

This is my favorite picture with two of the more beautiful women in my life.

I was trying to get Jenna to stand up but she insisted on sitting down. I don't know what her problem is.

This is a sequel to a picture that was taken while we where in Guam training.

This was a first I think at least for that Cold Stone we all decided to get some Ice Cream before heading back for the reception.

Just to let you know that is Jenna's Ice Cream because Anthony ate his to fast for the picture.

But all else aside it was a beautiful wedding and a lot of fun. The dance floor was hopping all night and the food was great. Thanks to both family's for putting on a great night and to Anthony and Jess for letting us be a part of it as well as there lives


Rhonda said...

Jenna looked beautiful and Trey you are so handsome!Jenna how was the (as Steve would say)leemo ride? I didn't have my first limo ride til I was 39!

George & Ina Wimsatt said...

I love these pictures. What a beautiful, festive day it was! What a handsome guy, Trey and Jenna, you are beautiful. It hasn't been all that long since you were getting married with Trey in his Marine dress uniform with all of his adornments and Jenna in her beautiful gown.

Alissa & Jordan said...

A wedding on the beach, I love it.. that would be so awesome! You guys look awesome:)

colburn's said...

How fun! Jenna I think your hair grows like a freekin weed! You look great in those pictures guys. Can you believe you two have been married for almost three years?

Melissa said...

Jen, you rode in one before!!!! On the way home from your 1st birthday. I remember.....