Tuesday, February 10, 2009


So this past weekend we went to Cedar City Utah to see the family. Saturday we went snowboarding at Brianhead which was sooo fun. Then on Sunday we explored San Hollow Rec area and St. George.Ethan was so cute in San Hollow he wanted to eat sandstone but Chris wouldn't let him. We went and saw Paul and Joanne's land in St. George and it is AWESOME, I was actually quite jealous of it :). We then went and saw Darwin Steves dad and let me just say I wanted to take him home with me, I would be satisfied my whole life with stories from him he is 93 years old and so cute. We then started the trek home and we drove through Zion National park which was gorgeous. Oh yeah and Spur wanted to say he had fun with Oney, the two of them sure made a mess in Justins house though.


Rhonda said...

Those are some AWESOme pictures! That is one of the best photos of Paul and Joanne I have ever seen (you two look like young things). Of course Ethan is adorable. He really does remind me of Paul in a lot of ways. Beautiful scenery. I'm glad you guys could go. It was nice of you to go see Darwin, he loved it.

George & Ina Wimsatt said...

I love these pictures. The scenery is beautiful and the the people handsome/lovely to behold. Ethan is a cutie! Darwin is, indeed, the ultimate storyteller. It is nice you visited him.