Monday, June 8, 2009

Fossil Extravaganza

Why Hello! I have an exciting story that I do not have pics for, so sorry.

SO Trey and I went to a BBQ at the Archeologists house and we met some Paleontologists (bone poeple), They were really important people like from yale or something, anyhow they found a fossil of an Aetosaurus and they were in the process of carrying it out, they put a jacket on it (plaster to keep it safe) and it was about 300 pounds, so they had spent the last 3 days carring it and had 1.5 miles to go so yesterday I went to help. With about a mile hike into the forest we found the fossil and began doing little carries, between the carry time they showed me how to find fossils within the hillside, that if we saw a fossil on the ground by a hill then to work your way up the hill as erosion made the fossils slide. Anyhow, guess what I found....... I found part of a jaw, part of a femur, part of a pelvic girdle, part of a skull,a tooth and a few more random pieces all in all it was Awesome! So for someone who didn't really believe in dinosaurs I definitely do now. I mean the people I was with have found T Rex! Well the fossil we carried out will take about 2 years to clean up and then it will be put into a museum.


Ina said...

This is all so fascinating and exciting to me! Since I was a very little girl, I always wanted to be an archeologist. The antiquities and the study of ancient civilizations have always been my number one love. To be involved like you are, would be a dream come true for me. And yes, I have always believed in dinosaurs! I can understand why they would want to hire Trey. His enthusiasm is so real and heartfelt.

Arnett's said...

That is so rad!!

JenandKen said...

How awesome - I am so jealous! And you thought you were going to be bored.

Rhonda said...

Indiana Trey and Jenna Jones! I love it. I think it would be so awesome to "find" something so old.
I am excited that you have this opportunity! Luv ya! don't let Spur dig where he isn't supposed to -Ha! He'll be running by with a T-Rex bone twice his size.