Saturday, June 6, 2009

I remembered the password!

Why Hello! Yes I remembered the password to get into our blog so now I can update you all on our exciting lives.

Well as most of you know we are living in the Petrified Forest, Trey got an Internship here. We moved out of our apartment in Flagstaff and now have a 25ft travel trailer. Yes it is rather exciting. But before I explain everything about it we have done a few things since then.
1. We rented a tin boat and went fishing in flagstaff (pic below)
2. Trey went on a backbacking trip for 17 days in the Gila (NM) which he lost all of his pics (i know i didn't get to see them either)
3. Moved out
4. Ken and Jenn and the kiddos came to see us
5. We parked the trailer at the PF

Multi-tasking : Fishing and reading

Poor spur had to pee so bad!

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Ina said...

Wow,every day since February I have been checking your blog to see if you had been able to get back on.  Then for several days, I do not check and this morning I was blown away to see that you finally remembered the password and are once again posting.  I was so excited, I almmost cried.  I love the pictures with this post.