Sunday, August 30, 2009


Goodbye PeFO

Hello all! So We left the Petrified Forest and we are now living at the KOA Campground in Flagstaff. We are finishing school which by the way is extremely hard this semester. The week before school started Trey and his friend Nick went to Mammoth Lakes in CA for vacation.

Treys classes consist of Program Planning, Experiential Learning, Statistics and Community and Commercial recreation. Jenna has Anatomy physiology I and II, Principles of Epidemiology and Health Promotion grant writing.

We will have pictures of our new home and some more adventures soon.
Things to look forward to
1. Braunsteins wedding in Portland Oregon
2. VW weekend fest in Jerome AZ
3. Picking in the Pines Blue Grass Festival
4. Kristi's wedding in CA
5. Having our pipes in the trailer freeze soon
6. Driving to Louisiana to go hunting
7. Then canoeing the Everglades in Florida


Ina said...

So, The Petrified Forrest is now just a pleasant memory of a summer well spent. The pictures are beautiful. Your classes this semester sound very interesting and besides school you have some fun events coming up. Well, except for the prospect of the pipes in your trailer freezing. That doesn't sound like much fun.

Rhonda said...

Hang in there guys! Don't like the look of those class schedules, good luck may the force be with you. Fun events coming up, keep us posted!

Mission Hills Nursery said...

Looking forward to seeing you both for Kristi & Jeff's wedding. We are going to "use" you both the day of the wedding to help transport things onto base, bring your ID's.
love Aunt Toni