Saturday, September 19, 2009


Home Sweet Home in the Pines

This is what Spur thinks about some of the trailers here. If you are going to buy a 40ft trailer that has 2 flat screen tv's inside and one flat screen hooked to the outside then you should just not be camping. There should be a book that explains the definition of camping because that is not it!

My handsome boys

It has been beautiful up here the past week, we are so fortunate to live here! Trey is leading a backpacking trip in the Centennial Forest this weekend for a freshman class.
Last weekend we went to Jerome for this VW festival. It was awesome if you like camping in an old mine with 500 VW and a whole bunch of hippies. It was an experience:)


Ina said...

Love these pictures. It looks like fun. I would love to pull our little pop-up there and visit you. It sounds like the VW Festival was an interesting experience. Why don't you put some of these pictures on the Family Gazette?dom

Rhonda said...

Sure does look cool,I'm talking weather,up there. I'm jealous!

The Monrreal's said...

I love your home! If only everyone experienced life as the two of you do...I love it! (And, I love Spurs' reaction to the high class campers.) Miss you much!

Jena and Jason said...

Look at both of you, I had no idea how woodsie you both are. I love it.