Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My Life

So in a week we will be a family of 4 (yes I am counting Spur) so I just had to take a moment and write about the last five years with just Trey and I. We were married November 4, 2005 and exactly a month after he was deployed on a mue for 8 months. During that time I lived with my sister in gilbert. When he returned we moved to San Clemente CA, on Base housing where we were fortunate to live right next to the amazing ocean. In California we surfed, bought a 1979 bright green Volkswagon bus, and soaked up the california sun. We were youth leaders for Living Hope church, I coached at San Clemente Gymnastics and Freshman cheer at San Clemente Highschool, got to go to Maui with SC high, was an Education Coordinator for the national education and sports trainers association. We moved 5 times in CA before moving back to Gilbert to live with my mom for a few months to help out.

Summmer 2008, We both got accepted into NAU so we rented an apt. in Flagstaff before our 5 week trip to Costa Rica with Jason and Tracy Dinkle. We hiked all over Costa Rica eating beans and rice everyday, surfing, and splitting time between the rainforest and beach. Dominical, Uvita, Panama, Osa peninsula.... Chiquita banana tour, horseback riding, waterfall swimming, boating, coffee and chocolate tours, hiking and more hiking.

August 2008-May 2009 Our first year at NAU and my first time seeing a true Fall, leaves gold in Lockett Meadow. Amazing hiking at 7000ft. Beauty just plain beauty. My first time also living in snow, amazing. Small town, heritage square, bluegrass festivals, concerts in the park, coaching cheer and gymnastics, Instructing Flagstaff adventure bootcamp. Trey leading backpacking trips for NAU and working at Peace Surplus.

Summer 2009: Petrified Forest National Monument, Trey accepts internship at the Pefo, we live in our 25ft travel trailer in the middle of nowhere, Trey is a Interpretive Park Ranger throughout the park educating tourists on how amazing this place really is. We road bike and run the park a lot. Many BBQ's and wine nights, killing red ant days, hiking and extracting dinosaur bones.

August 2009-May 2010: Back in Flagstaff to Finish school, living in our travel trailer at the KOA. Enjoying Flagstaff. February, Ragnar Relay, relay team run from Prescott to Mesa, 207 miles. May, Trey graduates, family comes up and we celebrate. We also celebrate by going to Oahu to see Jack Johnson in concert at the Kokua festival with Brinton and Charlotte, North shore, beach, giovannis shrimp, scenic drives etc.

June 2010: 4 week Road trip, Trey, Spur and I.... camping in random spots, Yellowstone, Glacier, Mount Rushmore, Minnesota: cabin and family and finding out our lives were about to be +1, Arkansas: family. Barfing begins on way home.

July: Move into a room in Flagstaff for Trey to finish his internship and for me to finish last semester of school.
Sept: Too sick, move to the valley and rent a room from dad, NAU online, playing with Trey. Sold the travel trailer, bought a fishing boat.

Sept-january 2011 Fun trips to the river, spending many days at the lake, baby shower, belly expansion
Feb: Move into a little house in Mesa, expecting arrival of Montana. Trey receives a full time job for the city of Gilbert.

Other Random Adventures: Nascar, California, Colorado, Utah with Justin, Mexico with family, Oregon, Washington, Rodeos, PBR, Polar Express, Vegas, Jet boats, etc.

Wow, what a five years, I can honestly say Trey and I have had so many adventures together. We have learned so much about the importance in life, and who we want to be and what kind of parents we want to be. I am so blessed with having a husband who treats me like a princess (yes a hard core princess). We have supported eachother, learned from eachother and spent time together playing before our little one arrives. We are excited to now see things through Montana's eyes.

Cheers to many more happy memories and adventures!


Jennifer said...

What a GREAT post!! I will talk for many and tell you that Chris and I envy the adventures you guys have been on the last 5 years. I LOVE the three of you and can't wait to love baby Montana as well.

Ina said...

This is a wonderful post. It is a beautiful picture of two young people in love, marrying, building a life together, bringing out the best in each other, always supportive of each other, looking forward each day to the next exciting adventure. And now, the most exciting adventure yet; the impending birth of baby girl Montana. And "baby makes three"! With Spur, it is four. I can't wait to welcome Montana!

The Towes said...

Im so excited for you guys! Cant wait to see pictures of her! She will be so cute!!! Thanks for sharing your story! SHe is one lucky lil girl!!!