Thursday, October 13, 2011

Friends and Family!

We went to California October 1-4 and Toni and Fausto let us play with them and crash at their place! We loved seeing Tiger, Janene, Tassia, baby bump Kristi and Jeff! Tassia is so dang cute and I am glad that my lap was comfortable for her. It was so fun to see family and enjoy each other.
We also were so excited to see the Dinkles and spend some beach time together we miss them so much!

This is Tana's first time at the ocean, she liked it except when I wasn't looking and a wave splashed us.. Oops I can't believe Montana is 7 Months already!

Tana also experienced mardigraw beads for the first time! And she didn't have to do anything to get them!


Mission Hills Nursery said...

The Colburn/Palafox girls and their beads. Enjoy them now little ladies as I don't see your daddies letting you get them in 17 years.

Ina said...

It looks like it was a fun visit for everyone. The little girls/cousins/friends, are adorable. What a happy, smiley little girl our Montana is. Too cute!

Rhonda said...

Too cute! Montana's gonna luv the ocean,it's in her blood. It looks like I need to get some beads to keep her busy now and I agree with Toni HeHe! So fun for the cousins to get together!

Aunt Carrie said...

I think Montana must have flashed somebody as some point in the trip. You don't get Mardi Gras beads for nothin!