Monday, November 7, 2011

Montana Sleeping on the Job

So every family has the picture of you when you fell asleep on the job, doing the one and only thing you have been good at sense birth, EATING!!!!!

So I thought I would share this photo of little miss Tana; whom her mom says "good luck with her she has been crazy all day and only had one nap; SUCKER!!" Slamming the door as she left for work.

I said, Tana and I will have a grand time... We did!! We spent time on the floor playing with toys, went out and fed the chickens, watching until all the feed was gone and Cheeks was done swishing her tail feathers around like a Peacock. Then we came in to eat some of moms homemade squash, carrots and apple puree. (As I like to call it babe food is so 6 months) After which I was going to make a great big glass of moms left and right! Upon turning around much to my surprise I found the sleeper, punched out, calling it quits, no desert for me Tana.

P.S. MOM I have such a great time with dad and we play so hard that I just fall asleep in the highchair after eating some of your great food.


Aunt Carrie said...


Ina said...

Good Daddy, you know just what to do to tucker a little Princess out! What a cute picture!
It was fun canning our mustard pickle. I have already eaten some. It is delicious!

The Monrreal's said...

Too darn cute!!! I love it!

Rhonda said...

I luv it! Look at those cute little Jenna legs! Oh for the days that you could just eat and fall asleep......Awwww