Thursday, March 29, 2012

Hangin out

Just though I would post a few pictures of what our little one likes to do..... Most of our pictures since 2006 were erased by the fabulous guy at the apple store so I decided to be more religious about blogging since you can't lose the pictures you post! Just remembering to be grateful for such fun memories Trey and I have shared and how all of our materials could be taken away in a flash........
**Tana at 13 months**

Putting things into containers....

Being really proud of her work

Her chickens!

The yard

Eating Rocks!


Rhonda said...

She loves,loves,loves to be outside! She will be our outdoor girl for sure. She is so adorable!

Ina said...

This little cutie really loves to be outside, and she REALLY loves playing in the dirt! I'm not sure eating the rocks is a good idea, though, LOL Love it!