Saturday, October 6, 2012

2 girls

So Since I am horrible at baby books I will now be updating you more on our life since this will be in some way "our girls "growing up" book... Sorry if its boring.... Wow I cannot believe we have 2 girls! Time just flies... Trey and I have been together for 11 years, we have lived in Phx, San Clemente, Flagstaff, Petrified Forest. We have lived in apartments, houses, travel trailers, we have traveled to Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, Mexico, all over the U.S and yet I find myself so content sitting out on the porch watching Montana eat chicken feed and holding our 4 week baby girl. Trey graduated from the Academy this last week and I couldn't be more proud. He has conquered so many things in life and it goes to show that when you believe in yourself you can go far! I am so amazed at what a great dad he is, how involved he is and how he always praises his girls, especially me. Montana is definitely getting to be a two year old, I swear she has conversations with herself. She will have temper tantrums if she cannot go outside. She knows all of her body parts, every sound an animal makes, she can eat with a fork, she says please and she listens when mommy and daddy ask her to go get something or do something. She loves hold Harlee, loves that stupid binky, she has associated milk and night night time to kissing daddy (everytime I say lets go night night she puts kiss lips on and finds daddy). She loves "BIG Hugs" and anything messy. Harlee will be 5 weeks tomorrow, I cannot believe how time flies! She is chunkin up good and doing really well! The past few days she has let me sleep until 3am. So exciting, she is a noisy little baby and is extremely alert. She gets a lot of kisses from tana along with slaps to the face, yanking of arms and legs and eyes being close to gouged out from tana yelling and pointing to her "eyes". She dreams a lot and makes a really good "shoopy" face. She has finger toes like daddy but I don't know who she will look like more. I am doing good, just started turning my chocolate addiction to running which is good. The weather is cooling off so life is good...... We are so blessed to have such great friends and family..

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Ina said...

What a fun update on your family. For sure, you and Trey have had an interesting life packed with lots of fun and excitement. And, now you have two beautiful little girls promising even more fun and excitement. We are so blessed to be part of your life. We love you.