Thursday, October 25, 2012

Harlees first camp trip

I don't know where she picked this up but she seems to do it every night after shes done eating
We went camping in Flagstaff October 9-11th. It had been awhile for camping and forever since we were in flagstaff. We took a travel trailer even though the heater wasn't working and I forgot how cold flagstaff really got. The first night Tana woke up screaming like crazy, then she wet the bed then an hour later she barfed everywhere. Good first night.... We went to Lockett Meadow to look at the beautiful fall colors, went to the lumberyard brewery, played at the park, went to Cal ranch and spent some great time at the camp site together eating turkey burgers and chips and salsa (which tana is obsessed with). The second night went much better and it was so fun to be sandwiched by my 2 girls in bed.... Montana 18.5 months and Harlee almost 2 months


Ina said...

These are some very special pictures. It looks like after you got that first night behind you, the rest of the camping was good.
Building memories for your family is a special thing to do.

Rhonda said...

I love that your family loves the outdoors and loves to camp. Your girls will lean so much,appreciate and enjoy nature! Everything beautiful created for us by our Heavenly Father! Special times!

Mission Hills Nursery said...

I laughed when I read your camping comments, just picturing you both thinking
......"and why did we do this?".......
but then the sun comes out and you laugh and enjoy the day. keep camping as Ina said memories are what keep families in our hearts.