Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Hey all! well our trip that we have been planning is finally happening. we leave tonight at 1025pm then we fly into florida have a 3 hour layover, then we fly into san jose costa rica. we arrive at 11:30 am and then we get on a bus for 6 hours and ride to Dominical. we are planning to stay in dominical for a week to 2 weeks, cuz there is a lot to do there. (if you look on a map it is in the southern part of C.R) then chris's sister (jeni and chris--our cousins) missy and her boyfriend jake are meeting us on the 11th and staying for a week or so. we will then be in Jaco (more north) the zipline and volcanos/rainforest are close to here so we will do all that at this time. then we have no clue!
we will try to keep you informed but we have no idea what it is going to be like.
yes we will miss all of you, but trey and I feel really wierd without our Spur. Thanks to mom for watching our baby! she is practicing her grandma skills :) Have a wonderful 37 days!


George & Ina Wimsatt said...

So, the next chapter in "The Chronicles of Trey and Jenna" is happening. Have a great trip! We will miss you but we will also be experiencing this wonderful adventure through your eyes and your written word. Don't worry about Spur, he will miss you but he will be fine.


Rhonda said...

Hola! The adventure begins and with you two that is what it will be! Cathy said her home is being built in Bejaco, just south of Jaco. Also in Jaco she said there is a national park called Manuel Antonio that is gorgeous and you can see a lot of wildlife ecspecially monkeys. She said there is an airplane converted to a restauraunt that is good. We luv you and hope you enjoy!