Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The last few weeks

On the 13th Jenna and I thought that it would be fun to have Dad, Jen, Brinton, Charlotte and the kids over for a BBQ. Kit and Brexton where having fun feeding the cow the watermelon skin.

Brinton and Brexton went for a quick flight Brexton was mad he didn't get any peanuts. Cote was playing catch with Brinton and Brinton was having a hard time controlling where Cote was throwing so Dad told Cote to just throw it at B's HEAD after that he didn't miss! hum that is weird ha.

John had to so us all up and juggle the dogs tennis balls the dogs thought it was really cool. So did I

After Brextons flight Kit picked him up from the airport the only thing is Kit remembered he can not drive oooh no!!

So Dad decided to use the scooter and of course he had to show off and do wheelies, John did really well riding the bike to he is a natural.

So after the BBQ Jenna and I drove all night to the River to meet with Paul and Joane and give them Mia the Lab that Jenna bought and did nothing with so now she will get lots of loving. She really likes the water just not to sure about the swimming part and Joane has already taken her on two or three walks since Saturday so she is going to get some good exercise.

So we went to Point Loma on Monday after we hung out with Anthony and Jessica on Sunday. O ya Jenna got her dress for their wedding and I went and got fitted for the tuxedo so we are really excited about that. It was really good to get some alone time with the guys and Jenna had a lot of fun with Jessica well, I think ya they did. So about Point Loma Jenna decided to push this rock off the cliff but she was unsuccessful.

But she did manage to pose for this picture and man she is amazing!!!

After Point Loma we went to Fousto and Toni's house for dinner and it was amazing as usual we had good Carne Asada and talked out all the problems of the world (ok maybe not all) then we went to leave their house and the headlights started to die on the bus so I go to pull over and it dies. O no I used my detective skills and figured that the alternator went out (thanks Dad for teaching me). So I get all the stuff to fix it but of course the bolt's are rusted in so we put everything back together and took it to Mission Bay Auto Repair. Really nice guys gave us 12 month warranty and a 394 dollar bill but it had to be done well that is what I keep telling myself. So we called up Kristy and she came to the rescue we went out to eat and then we ditched her well we didn't mean to so she came back to Mission Bay after we called and said that we still wanted to hang out and we went to her house and played wii. pretty fun Games she killed us in bowling and I beat her in Golf (if only I could really play that game.. no to boring chasing a little white ball)

Today the 18th we managed to get out in the water so this is the first waxing of the season many more to come.

Just a little pic taken by Jenna (man that is a nice camera lens) of me doing a bottom turn ya!! well hope you could make it through all of this we will post again soon. Love ya all remember to stop and look at the beauty off all that mother nature has to offer us. Because he who loses sight of nature might as well be dead. computers, TV, and Video games are fun but go on a nature walk it is free and good for you plus you might just see something inspiring.


George & Ina Wimsatt said...

I have been checking this blog each day to see if the next installment of "The Chronicles of Trey and Jenna" had been posted. This morning, I hit the jackpot and what a fun trip you have taken me on. I love it! We have talked to Paul several times since they got Miah and they are loving her. Miah is going to have a great life! You are right about Mother Nature, she is fantastic. Too bad Jenna couldn't push that rock off the cliff but I applaud her for trying. Love the surfing pictures of Trey. I miss the ocean! Keep on truckin', or should I say
buggin'? And, keep us posted.

Rhonda said...

Hey you guys! I watched Goonies the other day. Love the pics, looks like good times, noodle salad. I like that I can follow the misadventures of Trey and Jenna! Luv ya both lots! Mom

colburn's said...

Great narrative to accompany the pictures. Throw out a little spray on the nar nar for me! (Brexton said Nar Nar when he saw you surfing)