Sunday, September 28, 2008

Watch this video on Obesity

So because we are so boring we are posting some interesting facts!

1. 46% of USDA approved "fruits and vegetables" kids eat these days are ketchup and French fries.
2. 71% of our American veterans are overweight and most of the amputations that veterans suffer are not war related but are obesity and diabetes related.

3. The leading cause of obesity is a confluence of factors.

* No Child Left Behind legislation leaving physical education and nutrition classes by the wayside.
* The USDA feeds kids the most unhealthy, greasy food imaginable
* The ubiquity of junk food advertising
* Vending machines in schools
* Soda pop
* The internet
* The societal acceptance of things like Taco Bell's "fourth meal."
4. In regards to global warming
If every American lost one pound this year, we'd use 39 million gallons less than last year. And the food and agricultural system in the United States uses as much as 20% of our nations fossil fuel supply. It's because our food travels so far to get processed and then it travels even further to get to us when we should be buying as much food locally as possible.


Rhonda said...

So, not a good video for me to watch after eating a few of Charlotte's delicious homemade chocolate chip cookies! I did ride my bike this morning and I better hit it in the morning. We need to get our kids off the couch, outside with the fresh air and exercise. P.E. should never have left our schools!Being married to someone who is a fast food junkie I know how hard it is to try to break the cycle.. I haven't been successful.......

George & Ina Wimsatt said...

I loved seeing the beautiful picture of the two of you when I checked your blog this morning. You posted some good info on one of our nations most serious problems, especially since those afflicted are getting younger all of the time. Old people, like George and I, need to change our life style, also. Help!

Melissa said...

I am so proud! You sound like real liberal hippies! Love you.