Monday, September 29, 2008

We got Skunked!

This is what our cute and innocent dog used to look like!!!!!!!!
So we had to tell you all our funny story that happened this morning. It started at 4:30 am when I (Jenna) took the dogs outside to pee. Well our fabulous dogs decide to run across the street into this concrete box/wall thing and I thought they were running after a cat but then i see them cornering this black and white object so as I am in the middle of the street in my PJ's and I smell this funny smell and see this puffy looking thing. Oh yes you better believe it was a skunk, spur starts running for me and the skunk begins to chase us so Spur and I ran into the house and Jack was left to fend for himself. Spur runs inside and jumps on the bed and what do we smell and see.... A huge yellow streak of skunk spray going from his eye to his tail. Trey and i wanted to barf it smelt that bad! Then Jack comes running upstairs and within seconds our whole house smells so bad we can't handle it. So Trey stayed home this morning while i taught the bootcamp cleaning up after our dogs.Well if you don't know a skunk resonates on you and anything it is around, even my bootcampers could smell me this morning and the best of it we had to go to school and yup we smelt like skunk. I know you all are laughing but it was a horrible ordeal, one that i do not wish happens again. Good thing we are moving down stairs in a week and we can get out of the smell and this time our dogs will have a yard so they will not be running all over the neighborhood!


George & Ina Wimsatt said...

Phew! I can't believe that happened. I admit, I was laughing as I read it because the picture my mind was painting was just tooooo funny! After I got through laughing, though, I have been feeling really bad for you. Did you do the old remedy for a dog that has been skunked. . .bathe them in tomato juice? I'm glad you get to move downstairs. Spur and Jack will love it!

Alissa & Jordan said...

Hey guys! It has been forever! I am glad I found your blog, we can keep in touch now:) That is crazy about a skunk! That really is crazy! I hope you can clear that up soon hehe;)

Rhonda said...

Pee-ew! I think your blog even stinks.......Guess Jack found out its every man for himself. What happened to the "Leave no man behind" theory Jenna? Steve and I have been having a good laugh at your expense, he says you'll be smelling that for 6 months. Luv Ya

tatum said...

Jenna! How are you girlie?!

Skunks are so strong! I can't imagine being in that close proximity and having it in your home.

Where do you guys live? I miss you!