Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Move Down Stairs

So I know we are late on this but better late then never right. We finally moved in downstairs and it is nice except for the fact that now we have no hot water and Jenna and I have not showered in at least 3 days but Jenna still loves me. The move went smooth and it worked out great because our new neighbor Ken who moved upstairs the same time we moved out gave us his box spring so he didn't have to cut his in-half. so the pictures are of the dogs that got confused because we had a blanket laying on the coffee table and they thought that it was there personal recliner. Spur hates the down stairs because it is all wood floors and he can not stop shaking due to the coldness of the ground. (Just wait till it is winter Spur)


George & Ina Wimsatt said...

Brrrrr. . . .When do you get to have hot water? Great about the mattress, that is one problem I was wondering about solved. I am glad you are all moved in. Poor Spur, I remember how cold Trouble always was. We loved the pictures of the two of you with Nixin.

Rhonda said...

I see you have the same wood paneling.Nice. Spur needs a sweater and a warm bed....He has a rude awakening coming soon.