Sunday, November 2, 2008

Trey's School Hike


Tree (if you couldn't tell)

Sun Rise Sunday Morning

Sun Rise Sunday Morning

Backcountry Baking class we made some good calzones

Humpherys peak in the distance

The best thing about the Degree that I am taking (Trey) is that I get to go on hikes and camping trips throughout the semester. ya I know it is rough these are my labs that I have to do the best thing about it is I am getting a Bachelor in Science ha to all you that are taking Bio suckers. Any how we had a camp out and we went to the Centennial Forest area and the hiked from West Fork Canyon to Oak Creek it was a great hike.


George & Ina Wimsatt said...

Boy, it's tough to have this much fun in school! How can you stand it? The pictures are beautiful!

Rhonda said...

Beautiful! Now those pictures tug at your heart, preserving nature is a grand cause is it not? I can't think of anything more perfect for you Trey....Luv you guys.

Tyler and Neihlee said...

I love to see all of your pictures of the Great out doors! Looks like you guys are havin fun and enjoyin life!