Monday, June 22, 2009

Summer Solstice

Hello I am going to create a post because while Jenna is away I have to do things on my own. It has been hard but we only have a week left. Anyhow I have been working at the Petrified Forest and the other day I was able to do something really cool. I did a program for about 30 people on the Summer Solstice marker here at Peuerco Pueblo. Peuerco is a Indian ruin that is here at the park and was believed to be inhabited around 1250 AD to 1400 AD. The marker can mean a lot of different things and the amazing part about that is that we will never know for sure. Some of the things that they think it could mean is marking some sort of a planting calender (I don't think so because they were planting all year round.) There is also thought that it could be marking a ceremonial calender, due to the fact that the Hope and Zuni tribes that are in this area have a very busy ceremonial schedule and there is evidence of these ancient puebloens to be very social. (I think that this one is most believable.) There is also a thought that it could be marking the beginning of the monsoon season which it actually does do.

So that is what I am doing while Jenna is gone just trying to survive.


The Towes said...

where is jenna?

Ina said...

Trey, I loved this post. You are living my dream. . . to be right in the middle of, and involved, in ancient history. Think of all you are learning about ancient cvilization while having such a fun time? What a blessing! Can't wait for the Family Reunion, it will be great to see you.

Rhonda said...

To awesome, my son Ranger Rick! Luv the uni. Perfect for you and an awesome opportunity.