Monday, July 13, 2009

Trey's Surprise for me

So I was away from Trey for about 3 weeks in Minnesota and Gilbert and he came to pick me up in Gilbert saying he had a surprise for me for the weekend, I was expecting to go camping but he took me to the J.W. Marriot in Scottsdale. Well Folks it was fantastic, we started out at the pool, then got a couples massage (Trey fell asleep during the massage and was snoring :) then we got ready for dinner at this really nice Italian Rest. Then we went back to the room and to my surprise there was rose pedals on the bed, champagne and chocolate covered strawberry's. The next morning we went to an awesome breakfast buffet and anyone who eats at a breakfast buffet knows to eat as much as you can so that is what we did. My man definitely scored brownie points on that one!!!! This is him looking like such a professional at the resort


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Rhonda said...

Good job Trey!

Ina said...

Wow, Jenna! We didn't talk about this when we saw you at the Reunion! Just like in the movies. I'm impressed. Way to go, Trey! Brownie points, for sure!