Monday, June 7, 2010

Our upcoming Adventures

So I had to add all of these posts because I forget the password and when I remember it I have to catch up (yes I know the smart thing to do would be to write it down, but that would be way to easy). We enjoyed a weekend in Rocky point this weekend with the Gunnell and Colburn families and wow was it awesome. Those pictures will be up soon.
Then tomorrow we are doing a month long road trip consisting of Yellowstone, The Badlands, Mt Rushmore, Hot springs, the cabin in Minnesota for 2 weeks to see my mom and nana and then KY and (well we are winging it from there). We will post our adventures in a month.. Take care and know that I posted more than one post.

Plus we wanted to fill you in on our plans. We are headed back up to Flagstaff for one more semester so I (Jenna) can finish my last semester. The Airforce called Trey a week ago and informed him that all the spots for S.E.R.E are closed and that he will have to wait until the next fiscal year before anymore open. So, it worked out perfect as I will get to finish school (By the way I am on the Deans List, just had to brag a little).and Trey will finish his internship...


Ina said...

We are so glad you had a great time in Rocky Point. Your road trip plans sound fantastic. As you leave, just know that George and I are so very grateful for all of the help you have unselfishly given us in getting us out of the storage unit and helping us get the trailer listed. Have a great time on your trip. And, Jenna, congrats on being on the Dean's List! You do have bragging rights for that.

Rhonda said...

Have good times,noodle salad on your adventure! Thanks for the posts. Thanks for the Rocky Point help....Luv ya