Saturday, July 3, 2010

4 Week Road Trip (lots of Rain)

If you have not noticed throughout all of our blog pics our dog has to be in every one. So Spur is now doing self portraits and if you would like to buy them they are only $100 and all the funds go to aiding dog neutering.

Our first stop on this road trip was a very beautiful spot out side of Provo Ut. This area is known as the Wasatch Range and has some amazing topography. Ok I lied this was not our first stop we did go to Justin's house in Cedar City where he escorted us to Cal Ranch (one of my favorite stores) and proceeded to buy half of our new Loge Tech Skillet/Pan (we love it) Then we went back to his house; if you did not know about the Wimsatt's natural cooking talents let me tell you Justin marinated some pork chops for us to take and they where some of the best pork chops ever. He also gave us two Trout which where great as well.

After our wonderful time in Utah we decided to go on to Grand Teton National Monument. This is where we found the rain storm that followed us the entire length out our 4 days out to Minnesota. But it was still a beautiful place and we loved reading about the Elk refuge which is where all of these antlers came from. We stayed the night in the Grand Tetons and I fell in love with the place. Jenna was cold and grumpy but managed to find a laugh when I was trying to cook those great pork chops in the rain and then I spilt all of my broccoli soup. Jenna was also worried about bears and I assured her that with me and my "attention to detail" (or as Jenna calls it anal tendencies) we were better off then most of the campers.

On to Yellowstone and this was one of our first sites, I forgot what the name of this fall is but lets just call it pretty!!!

Then there is the infamous Old Faithful where we met up with one of my old supervisors form the Petrified Forest Rita. She is a awesome lady and has great knowledge about the wildlife and flora in the Yellowstone area.

Jenna found these Tatanka and we sat there for a hour or so watching them graze and it made us hungry so we had a little lunch with the Tatanka (fortunately for the Tatanka they are protected so I could not eat them)

This is the Lower Falls of the Yellowstone River and it is a amazing sight to see.

Our first and only Grizzle Bear sighting in the park unfortunately he was very far so we could not get a great shot of him. I say him because there were no cubs around and being so close to spring I figured she would have cubs around.

These two photos are of one of my favorite attractions in Yellowstone it is called the "Dragons Cave" because as the water boils in this thermal pool it hits the roof of the cave and makes a growling sound really cool.

Mount Rushmore here we come!!

For great faces of the past. I really did think that this was a cool place but I was a little disappointed with the carving of the rocks I understand what the purpose of it was but to deface a mountain so that we can remember the impact these people made seems silly because we can see their impact's every day. (that is the environmentalist in me I guest)

Jenna really likes the Tatanka and this one was right next to us in Custer State Park out side of Mount Rushmore.

So finally after 4 days of rain and waiting in Shakopee MN. for three days we made it to the cabin on Sturgeon Lake where we awoke to this beautiful sun rise over the lake.

The fishing at this lake was great we caught a lot of fish but we had to take at least a taste of these two (Jenna stole mine I swear)

After much build up from Jenna we got the fish cleaned and they were a tasty treat!!!

Jeannette, Janine, and Jenna or as I called them the "terrible J's" standing on the new bank and steps that we all helped complete in our two weeks spent at the cabin.

The whole gang, I know it was rough being the only man around. (don't those steps look good)

One to the home of Wall Mart and Craig Wimsatt where we had a great time seeing Miranda, Hannah, and Josh. We arrived around 6 pm so we cooked up some chicken, stake, yams, and potatoes another great Wimsatt meal. The next day we went to see the first store that Mr. Walton opened himself and then all I mean all the buildings that Wall Mart has in Bentonville Arkansas. The whole town is Wall Mart warehouses or suppliers offices it was really cool to see one of the largest companies in the world's headqurters even if I don't agree with all of there tactics.


The Monrreal's said...

What wonderful pictures and...what an awesome trip! I'm jealous!! Glad you guys made it back safe and thanks for sharing pics from your trip.

Ina said...

I'm sitting here in a motel in Cedar City catching up on what has been posted on the blogs I follow since we left Mesa on our little trip. The pictures of your "big" trip are rather amazing. Beautiful, actually.

Tyler and Neihlee said...

Cal Ranch is by far the best store ever!!! You guys were right in our back yard! As I type this I am looking out our back window at the Tetons-Beautiful! We are only 50 minutes (if that) from West Yellowstone. I loved to see all your pictures, they are gorgeous! BTW congrats on the little one!