Sunday, October 17, 2010

Camping and skunked

The skunks path

Eating cereal on a plate...
Oh yes yet again! We got skunked but I have to tell you the full story... We brought the boat and went camping at fools hollow lake in Showlow. First we decided to take the dually (F350) so we started driving down the road and i forgot something so Trey goes back, I get it and we are off again then we get 2 miles down the road and we decided not to go to flagstaff but to showlow, so we had to go back and switch vehicles because the tacoma has the tonto pass for fishing. We switch the stuff and the boat as quick as we can onto the tacoma and we are off for the third time, we pass over the first speed bump and trey sees the boat go really high and then we heard a crash, yup the boat came off the hitch because we were in a hurry and flattened the front tire. Well, we hook it up again and we are off, we stop to get gas I go into the store and buy ice and a drink, come out I put my wallet on the back of the truck and we were off. WE get to showlow, It was gorgeous but we wanted to camp in the middle of nowhere because you all know my husband, but instead we ended up at a habituated campsite. When we were waiting to pay for the camp sight I realized I didn't have my wallet so the next hour I was on the phone with wells fargo canceling my cards. Trey didn't want to sleep on the concrete tent pad provided, he wanted to sleep on the earth under the tree because the soil is much softer than concrete. So we go to bed, not putting the rain pad up so we could see the stars but during the night spur woke up and darted for the end of the tent, i scooped him out of the way cuz i just knew it was a skunk and yup you better believe it our whole tent got sprayed by the skunk.... it was just awesome especially with my super pregnant smells. So the rest of the night I am cuddled in fetal position covering spur so he doesn't see the many skunks that are passing out tent because little did we know we placed our tent right in the skunks path. So needless to say I did not sleep very well and all of our stuff reaked of skunk,..... So we get home and a police officer left his card on the door saying he retreived my wallet on the on ramp getting onto the freeway, crazy right! It is never a dull moment with us! and I love it skunked and all~

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Ina said...

I got up after a miserable night (no skunk but still miserable)and what I was sure was going to continue to be a miserable morning started with laughter as I read the story of your camping trip. I am still laughing and maybe feeling a tad guilty for doing so. But, it has made my morning and given me some fun when I sorely needed it. Thanks for sharing your story. Did you catch any fish?