Sunday, October 24, 2010

Family halloween pumkin carving

Our Pumpkin

Brannon and Amandas on the left ours is on the right? Do you know what it is?

So every year we get together and we all carve pumpkins, it was a blast as usual. Rhonda made amazing chili and cornbread! Julie had beautiful 3.5 week old Gracie there and all the kiddos got to ride on the Pumpkin express aka golf cart and trailer. Can you tell what our pumpkin is?


Ina said...

I love your blog's new look. The vibrant color and your new signature picture are great. I love the pictures of the annual pumpkin carving/chili and cornbread eating/Halloween festivities. Your pumpkin is fantastic! I knew immediately what it was. Where ever did you come up with that idea? It is perfect for expectant first time parents. Do you think Montana was smiling at you? I was so sad to miss the fun.

The Monrreal's said...

Love seeing the new pictures! Your belly is adorable...and, I new exactly what your pumpkin was...a sweet baby girl. Can't wait to see you!!

Colburns said...

out of all the smiles brexton hands out that has to be the weirdest one!

Rhonda said...

Luv the belly shot! Your Montana pumpkin was the bomb! Glad you were there,next year Montana will be here!