Sunday, December 26, 2010

Bradley Class

Jenna and I have been going to Bradley Classes for the past 12 weeks and we have learned a lot. The class focuses on husband or partner coached birthing. Let me tell you what I am excited to coach Montana out and be there to support my wife. While at the class Jenna and I learned so much about everything from first stage labor, second stage labor, transition, and active labor as well as many other great tips. All the information has been great in helping Jenna and I build a plan for what our labor will be like (hopefully) and what to do if things do end up going wrong. I would recommend this class for anyone that is expecting for the first time as it really gets couples or parents thinking about the big step and how to minimize risk, limit drug use, and preventing interventions into modern birthing methods unless absolutely necessary.

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Ina said...

I wish they had classes like that when I was expecting. Birth has come a long ways. Trey, you are sounding like an old pro at this. Can't wait for the end result! Love the three of you.