Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Oh Belly!

Wow! Hello belly!
So I am know 30 weeks, went to my midwife this week and everything is going fabulous. I need to take an hour out of my day to count fetal kicks, I need at least four within the hour, if not there is a problem. Well no need to worry this last week because within 30 minutes Montana kicks me about 45 times. By that time I stop counting. It feels like I am on a roller coaster, you know when you feel that drop in your stomach when you are about to drop down on the roller coaster, yup that's what it feels like.
The midwife says I will also be having a long baby! Thank you Trey....

27 Weeks

27 Weeks

27 Weeks

30 Weeks


Colburns said...

You look so cute I love it! I know you don't feel the same but you do!!!

The Monrreal's said...

You are too darn cute...I love it! I'm so glad everything's on track and going well!

Taylorswiftrocks said...

My mom was had birth july 16

Ina said...

Love these pictures of a "preggo" Jenna. Love that "belly button". Love hearing about Montana. She already has a distinct personality. Happy "Kicking!"

Kelli & Tommy said...

Jenna! I can't believe I haven't heard that you are having a baby! You and Trey are going to be the best parents ever! I am so excited for you both! You look fantastic and the name Montana is so stinkin' cute and original! Congrats to you guys again!!