Monday, March 21, 2011

My little Bumble Bee

9 days old

My sister and I determined that I have a little bumble bee! Because we are using cloth diapers her booty looks rather large and she has a bumble bee body.

14 days old

You know you are a stay at home mom when you want to update your blog more than once a day..... Don't worry instead now i just add more pics
"yeah my Aunt came to see me from South Africa"

4 generations

in the hospital everyone had to gown and mask up thanks to Influenza B


Colburns said...

She's such a cute little bumble bee I love her!

Ina said...

These are great pictures, Jenna. For sure, every family needs a little "Bumble Bee" to love!

The Monrreal's said...

Montana's the cutest "bumble bee" I've ever met. Love her dearly!!

Rhonda said...

Most precious bumble bee I have ever laid eyes on!

Urbanizacion en TGZ said...
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