Thursday, March 31, 2011

Picnic at Freestone

Trey got off work early so we had our first picnic at Freestone Park. I love these pictures because Montana has such an amazing dad!

Trey and I were talking about how many kids fall into freestone's lake and how many parents jump in after them in that disgusting water. Well not more than 2 minutes later a stroller fell into the lake, and yes there was a 4 month old strapped in, the mom jumps in to pull the upside down submerged stroller out and luckily Trey was there to help because she couldn't have done it alone. We can laugh now because everyone was ok but it was perfect timing. I had to pretend to take a picture of the lake so you could see them drying out their stuff.


Rhonda said...

Days at the park with the fam are the best! Montana will have many.Trey and Brinton loved to go to the park,when we could ride our bikes they were deliriously happy! Glad you were there to help out.

Ina said...

When Paul, Rhonda and Craig were little, we had many picnics at various parks. When my grandkids were little we had many picnics at various parks. Those were wonderful times. Trey, I love the pictures of you with your little Princess, Montana. She is so beautiful!

Lori Derrick said...

Hey guys! It was great to see you all yesterday! What a beautiful baby! Love the blog, you are so full of life, I love it! Talk to you soon!