Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Our life

Well, we finally are becoming "cityfied" don't tell Trey because he still doesn't want to believe it. But we bought a house! Trey is plugging along and enjoying work and I am in love with being a mom. Life could not be any better at this moment.

I love our new house!

Daddy cleaning the pool after that crazy nonsense above!

People, I am not messin around, I love this bouncer and yes I know I still cannot touch the ground!


The Monrreal's said...

I love the updated pictures! Montana is adorable as always! And, getting SO big! What a good houseworker Trey is. I can't believe that storm, haboob (sp?)...that is SO crazy!

Ina said...

I love Montana so much. She is so adorable. Just wish I saw her more often. You need to post some pictures of the inside of your house as I am anxious to see your new stuff and the results of your painting experience.

Rhonda said...

I luv all of it,luv you are here,luv Montana,luv Trey working in his yard with Montana strapped in front and luv what a great Mommy You are!