Tuesday, July 19, 2011

"What do you do"

I have a few thoughts that I wanted to write down and share. First off I wonder if it has always been this way or if it is just our generation.

Why is it that the first thing people ask to "get to know you" is "what do you do?" This usually correlates to what do you do in the workforce "I am a plumber etc". But why is this so, does it really define who you are? Have we really been trained to think that we need to accomplish something in the workforce. Is working 60 hour/week and making a lot of money really an accomplishment? The more I am a stay at home mom the more people ask me "what do you do?" as if I should put my daughter in daycare 60 hours a week to go and work and pay for daycare just to show the corporate world I accomplished something? Yeah its stupid. Work doesn't define me, so when my professor called regarding my 600 internship hours I need to finish in the fall she asked me what I want to do... this was my response; I see myself raising a healthy beautiful child to be successful in LIFE, to continue having a happy and healthy marriage so we can lead by example, continue my contribution to society, recycle, eat from the earth, be healthy (not "I go to the gym and lift weights healthy") but healthful living, be thankful and not take things/people for granted. If we don't take care of where we live we will not be able to have jobs, If we don't take care of our marriages then it is harder to teach our children what healthy companionship means, if we don't take care of our children they will not contribute to society or in the workforce, if we don't take care of eachother what is the point of being here? Everything has a cyclical affect and so often I need to be reminded of whats important in life, so if my "daily living" could count as my internship that would be awesome.

well lets just say my professor didn't go for that!

So, who are we? What are we doing here? What do we value? Does it show? I definitely need to check myself....


The Monrreal's said...

Jenna, you are right on!!! You couldn't have said it better!! Chris and I have discussed this a lot lately. Many people think working in the corporate world, making a ton of money, dictates success. Whatever happened to having a healthy family, raising healthy kids, teaching them right from wrong. How many actually make it high up in the corporate world without cheating, stealing or taking something from someone...whatever happened to ethics and just being a good person. I LOVE your post! I think people need to take a step back and look at their life, what they're doing and where they want to be. Trey and you have set a great example about life is. I hope you guys can continue to along your path and show others what life is REALLY about. Love you guys!!

Ina said...

Dear Jenna, You waxed very philosophical with your last post
(philosophica-ie-reasonable, wise, learned). I love it. It is heart warming to read it and see that you have your priorities straight. Montana is a lucky little girl to have you and Trey for her parents. Love you lots.