Wednesday, August 3, 2011

All Smiles and Amazement!

"So listen up here's a story..."

"Daddy caught a fish for me, can I kiss it like my great pa would do before he and my mom would fillet them?" 8.29.11

"What! you mean I got ten more things to suck on..Amazing"

"So many diapers....I love my mom for cleaning my diapers, she doesn't even have to fold them, she can shove them into my drawers if she wants.:).." (That ones for you Trey)

"I am a flirt"8.3.11

This is why we do not have a TV, we just commentate for our child!


Ina said...

I love your blogs new look. The colors are beautiful, the profile picture is wonderful, and the pictures of Montana are priceless. She is soooo cute!

Rhonda said...

Is she not the cutest! She has become so smiley! She looks as though she really wanted that fish, did you notice they had similar expressions on their faces? Just think of the smiles you would get if her diapers were all folded neatly in her drawers! Couldn't help myself! LOL! Luv ya.