Sunday, June 3, 2012


Montana and I were fortunate enough to go see great grandma and grandma in minnesota... It is such a beautiful place and we were spoiled......we loved it there! Tana 15 months
loved reading in this chair.. I'm becoming a big girl!
4 generations
First cob of corn and yes she ate the whole thing!
Dinner on the Porch
Hanging out at Mall of America
Visiting Great Grandpa


Rhonda said...

How fun! Montana is the cutest thing! Uh,she sure looked like she was lovin the corn on the cob! I want the red varn and all the green grass-ship it please!

Ina said...

This is a great post. It is beautiful there right now. (I guess it is beautiful there all of the time if you want lots of snow). Montana looked like she was having a good time. What a cutie. Love the four generation pictures. That cob of corn is almost as big as she is and she ate it all!ocaget