Saturday, August 11, 2012

July and Aug 2012 Happenings

So First off it was my handsome husbands birthday on July 25th. The big old 27.... SO we were fortunate to have Gmamma and Pappa watch Montana while we went to our midwife appointment (we got to see an ultrasound of Harlee Mae too) and following the appointment we went and ate at The Keg, seriously delicious. We had stuffed mushrooms, lobster, steak, salad, cheesecake. It was so fun to be able to spend some time with just me and him, I love that man and he works so hard for us and I am so fortunate to be able to stay home and play with our little girl everyday.
I enrolled Montana in swim lessons for 2 wks at the pool by our house so everyday we rode our bike to swim. She did pretty well in her swimming class although she was obsessed with the fake baby that the instructor kept bringing out (this was to show us what to do with our kiddos) so Gmamma took tana to get her own water baby and that made my life way easier during swim class. We also went to bounce u for the first time and there was to many big kids so we didn't stay long but it still wore her out.
Last weekend it was overcast so we rode our bikes to Wildflower and enjoyed eating outside. I love these kinds of mornings just hanging with our cute family!
Tana and her cream cheese stash We then went to the science museum to walk Harlee out of me which did not prove to be successful but Montana had fun and she was wiped out from runnin around.


Rhonda said...

Montana is a lucky girl to have a mommy that takes her to so many cool places even 8 months pregnant!. She will be well rounded besides being so cute! Love the cream cheese stache!

Ina said...

Fun, fun post. Montana is so cute. She has personality plus. What a fun mamma she has to make sure she experiences so many wonderful sights and sounds. She is a lucky little girl. Of course, you are very fotunate to have her, too.