Sunday, June 9, 2013

All About Harlee Mae

We have a 7 month old today.... I can't get over how much time flies. Harlee is such a chill baby, she will play with her toys for hours. She loves her toys, loves talking and loves laughing at her sister and spur. She hates to eat any kind of pureed food or cereal, I mean it looks like I just put poison in her mouth when I try to feed her. It is really true how you can have opposite kids. Harlee is so happy all the time, she loves kisses, hates binkys and loves to snuggle in bed with mom everynight.She has piercing blue eyes and a contagious smile and laugh. She rolls over when she wants to and stays sitting up on her terms. She loves petting animals and laughs until she hiccups. She just loves company, you don't need to play with her as she will amuse herself she just wants you present! When we went to her 6 month check up compared to Tana she is a pound smaller and an inch shorter. I can't get over how we have 2 happy healthy precious little girls! We have daddy wrapped around our finger!!! Well since I didn't post it in time, I now have an 8 month old.

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Ina said...

We love Harlee Mae. Since you moved farther away, and I don't drive distances, I have missed so many of the milestones in her life as she has reached 8 month of age. She is beautiful. Her eyes are amazing, and she always seems so happy. You, Trey and Spur are blessed with your two little girls.
And, I am still so touched that you chose Mae as part of her name.