Sunday, June 9, 2013

Montana is 2!

Wow I cannot believe we have a 2 year old! Montana is so special! She loves the outdoors, loves helping daddy fix things, would rather eat vegetables than french fries. Loves to sing and dance to my singing of twinkle twinkle little star. She has to be the one to feed the chickens and check for eggs. She jumps ridiculously high on the trampoline and can perform a handstand (2yr old version) a donkey kick, a forward roll, and can show you how to do a pike straddle and middle splits. She loves her "baby" it actually looks like we have a baby factory here, she feeds the baby when mommy feeds Harlee, she will bathe it, stroll it,change it and put it to sleep, its pretty sweet. She is just about potty trained and loves sleeping in her big girl bed and is still obsessed with her binky. She helps mommy cook, bake and clean We love this little girl and everything she brings to our life, we are truly blessed to have this vibrant healthy spazmanian sidekick by us..

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Ina said...

We love Montana so much. She makes us smile and laugh each time we see her. She definitely is one smart and accomplished little two year old. Farm life is her "kind of fun and excitement", and of course Mama's gym. Way to go, Montana!